The wife of an oil and gas trader has been awarded £453 million in financial remedy proceedings upon divorce against her former husband. The husband is 61 and the wife is 44 and the marriage lasted just over 20 years.

The amount includes a lump sum payment of £350 million (and the assets the wife currently holds of £10,165,162), chattels valued at £2,479,125,  an Aston Martin valued at £350,000 and a modern art collection valued  at US$112m. The total amount is thought to comprise 41.5% of the total matrimonial assets.

The hearing took place in the High Court of Justice in December 2016 with the judgement delivered several months later. The names of the parties have been mad anonymous  in the full written judgement here.

The award is thought to be one of the largest in financial remedy proceedings upon divorce in the UK.