Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence

Finding the right employee is not always easy. Sometimes, the perfect candidate may be someone from outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), and may require a visa to enter and take up employment in the UK. If you are seeking to employ someone from outside the EEA, it necessary to obtain a Sponsorship License before recruiting the prospective employee on a Tier 2 visa.

To acquire a Sponsorship Licence you must submit evidence regarding the Resident Labour Market Test, demonstrate there is a need for recruitment of foreign nationals, comply with the minimum income threshold and have in place a human resources system to monitor employees.

The Home Office Sponsorship Compliance Unit can investigate licenced employers to ensure they are complying with their sponsorship duties. Licence can be downgraded, suspended or revoked. This can be hugely destabilising, and in some cases, fatal for a business.

At Kings Cross Barristers, our team has a wealth of experience in matters concerning Sponsorship Licences. We can assist you with the complex initial application for a licence, improving your chances of success.

Once you have obtained a licence, or for existing licence holders, Kings Cross Barristers can assist you by ensuring compliance with sponsorship duties when taking on new employees and throughout the duration of employment, as well as managing any changes to your business. We can keep you up to date as to any developments in the law and policy regarding your sponsorship duties.

We are also on hand to assist and advise employers who have had their licence downgraded, suspended or revoked. Our immigration barrister has experience of helping many clients to maintain their licence by making representations to the Home Office and applying for judicial review.


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