Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the use of violence, threats and deception to coerce people into a variety of activities, including forced labour, criminal activity, domestic servitude and sexual exploitation. Survivors of trafficking have often been brought from other parts of the world, sometimes through illegitimate channels. Many have been forced to engage in work of a criminal nature. They may not be aware of their location and be unable to speak the local language. These factors make the prospect of going to the local authorities very intimidating.

At Kings Cross Barristers we have experience of working with victims of trafficking, handling cases with sensitivity and professionalism. If you think you are a survivor of trafficking, we can alert the National Referral Mechanism process on your behalf.

The Competent Authorities within the UK Human Trafficking Centre (UKHTC) and the Home Office will establish whether there are reasonable grounds to establish if someone is a Potential Victim of Human Trafficking (PVoT). If reasonable grounds are found, the PVoT will be given a 45 day recovery and reflection period. During this time, the Competent Authority will make a conclusive grounds decision on whether they are in fact a victim of trafficking.


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