Asylum and Refugee Law

The UK is obliged under international law to provide protection to individuals facing a real risk of persecution in their country of origin. The process for seeking such protection is to apply for asylum.

Asylum applicants will be invited to an initial screening interview followed by a full asylum interview where a representative for UK Visas and Immigration will conduct an in-depth investigation into the basis for the individual’s fear of persecution. The asylum interview can last many hours and is often a very stressful process for the applicant, who has to provide a detailed account of the persecution they have suffered to the interviewer. The applicant is welcome to have a lawyer present during this interview.

The UKVI refuse many asylum applications not because they are untrue, but because there is limited time to prepare all the evidence to make a strong claim. An experienced immigration and asylum lawyer can help you through the asylum application process and give you a greater chance of success.

Our immigration barristers have vast experience in providing advice, representation and advocacy to individuals applying for asylum and refugee status in the UK, including attendance at interviews, preparing witness statements, instructing expert witnesses, and representing at the First-tier and Upper Tribunals.


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