Portugal launched its own “Golden Visas”, the Autorização De Residência Para Actividade de Investimento in October 2012. To be eligible for a Portuguese Golden Visa, the applicant must invest a minimum of €500,000 in real estate in Portuguese territory. The visa grants its holders the right to live, work and study in Spain. The visa holders retain these rights as long as they visit the country at least once a year (visa holders are under no obligation to reside permanently in Portugal), maintain their investment and comply with administrative requirements such as renewing their visa. These rights can be extended to the applicant’s family members.

Anyone who invests at least €500,000 in property, such as a holiday home, a second property or across multiple properties in Portugal can apply for a Portuguese Real Estate Golden Visa. The criteria for granting Portuguese Real Estate Golden Visas are objective. However, it is paramount to prepare and gather the documentation supporting any application properly for it to succeed.

Our lawyers are here to prepare for all the formalities behind the requirements of your application and advise on how long it takes for them to be processed (such as, for example, obtaining a foreigner identity number). Our team will not only assist you in making a successful application and dealing with the complex administrative procedures it can imply, but will also help you find the right property in Portugal and guide you once you have obtained your visa to ensure it remains valid and is renewed when necessary (every two years).


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