Prohibited Steps Order

Where two or more people share parental responsibility and one disagrees with the decision of the other, our family law specialists can apply for a Prohibited Steps Order restricting the other person’s ability to exercise their parental responsibility rights.

A Prohibited Steps Order (PSO) is an order granted by the court in family cases which prevents a parent from being able to independently remove the child from the country or even the area where they currently live. This is particularly relevant where one parent is a foreign national or lives and works abroad. This order can also prevent the child from being sent to a school which the applicant parent believes would not be in their best interests. Any of the acts subject to the order would not be allowed without the express permission of the other parent or the court.

At Kings Cross Barristers our family lawyers can apply for a PSO to protect your child’s welfare, including on an urgent basis. We can assist you should you be the subject of a PSO and seek to vary it by representation at court.


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