Non-Molestation Orders

Non-molestation orders aim to protect the victims of domestic violence. The term “molestation” is not specifically defined but may include violence, threats, intimidation and harassment. Our family law specialists can help you navigate what can be a difficult and emotional process.

These orders are normally for a specified period. They can be renewed, or they may be made ‘until further order’.

A non-molestation order carries the power of arrest and the penalty for breaking the order can carry a sentence of up to five years in prison.

A non-molestation order can only be used against someone that you are associated with in one of the following ways:

• By marriage, civil partnership or engaged (currently or previously)
• A family member
• Someone you have a child with or someone who has had parental responsibility for your child.
• Someone you have had an intimate relationship with for a significant period.

If you feel you or your children are at risk, then our family lawyers can advise you and apply for an order; including in urgent situations.


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