Financial Remedy

Upon divorce, there are often disagreements relating to finances. Our family law barrister is able to provide advice and representation relating to financial and property matters.

Full and frank disclosure of your financial position is an essential part of the process. This is usually exchanged between parties before entering into an agreement. This not only allows us to advise you as to the right settlement but it also enables you to be sure that the agreement is fair and avoids the possibility of the agreement being unravelled at a later date on the basis of non disclosure.

One of the greatest worries when considering a separation or a divorce is what the financial implications are. You will no doubt have a number of questions such as how much child maintenance will I have to pay? Will my pension be included? How will the house be dealt with? Our qualified family law team can provide advice on issues such as maintenance, the former matrimonial home, debts, loans, pensions and other assets. Our family law team can negotiate on your behalf on all of these and other relevant issues.

Our family lawyers can assist in drafting and serving relevant court forms including Form E in which each party’s financial status is disclosed. We can provide advocacy at court including at the First Appointment, the Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing (FDR), or at a Final Hearing.


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