Divorce and Separation

A divorce may be necessary if there is an irretrievable breakdown in a marriage. When this happens, there are many issues that may need to be considered.

Our family law barrister can provide advice on options such as Separation Agreements which set out detailed arrangements for finances, children and any potential future divorce proceedings.

If a divorce application is necessary, we can help you make a D8 divorce application, requiring a statement of facts to be drafted. Our family law lawyers can assist in preparation and service of this application. Upon applying for a divorce, a court will first declare a decree nisi followed by a decree absolute.

In some circumstances, the divorce can be contested by the other party, in which case it may be necessary to attend a court hearing in order for a judge to be satisfied that a marriage has reached irretrievable breakdown. Our family law specialists can provide the detailed expert advice needed in these circumstances which can be emotionally charged, especially where children and finances are involved.


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