Employment Contract Disputes

Employment contract disputes can arise in a range of circumstances, including when an employer wants to change the terms of a contract. Employers must get the agreement of their workers before they can make changes to their contracts. They should consult with staff members or their representatives, explain their reasons for the changes and listen to any alternative solutions proposed by employees. In some circumstances, if employers make a change without getting agreement, workers may have the right to refuse to work under the changed terms. We can help you assess this, or whether alternatively, you may treat the change as a breach of contract, resign and make a case for constructive dismissal, taking your case to an employment tribunal if necessary.


Contract disputes can also arise when the interpretation of a contract is unclear or if a contract is jeopardised by unforeseen circumstances, such as the sale of a business. Whatever the reason for disagreeing with your employer over your contract, our specialist solicitors are here to provide information and advice. If you wish to raise a formal grievance with your employer, our lawyers can guide you through the grievance process from start to finish to ensure the procedures that are followed are correct and fair.

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