Acting pro bono, our director Mr Ousman Noor recently won an unlawful detention claim at the high court for a client who was unlawfully held in detention. The court ruled that the client, Mr Enoch Ilori, a Nigerian National was unlawfully detained and is entitled to compensatory damages. Mr Noor has also secured a pro bono costs order, payable by the Home Office which will go to the Access to Justice Foundation.

Recognising this achievement, The Bar Council recently wrote an article on the 11 January regarding the case, to read the full article please see here

Described as the most important case of his career by Mr Noor who represented Mr Ilori, who had been detained in the UK for 11 months despite never been charged or convicted of a criminal offence. The sheer lack of accountability by the home office meant that Mr Ilori had to endure 11 months in a UK detention Centre, even though he had been accepted by the home office as a person with independent evidence of being tortured. The long period of detention had a serious impact on Mr Ilori’s Health and he suffered from severe depression and nightmares.

When the first application was made, a high court judged determined the case to be ‘without merit’ meaning that it was ‘bound to fail’. Mr Noor would not accept this and appealed to the Court of Appeal. Finally, the case was listed for a final hearing at the Royal Court of Justice on the 29 November 2017.